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Administrative Team

Dr. Keisha McCoy-Dailey
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AP Odessa Branche

It is a pleasure and honor to be the newest member of the administration team. I am extremely proud and excited to join the team and provide support to our students and family at the Main site, P396K@181, and P396K@289. I am here to make every effort to ensure our students SOAR. I come to P396K with a wealth of experience and expertise in instruction and curriculum. I have 10 years of experience working in Special Education in NYC DOE community school and 8 years of experience working in a residential School for children with disabilities. My personal mission as an educator is to provide our students with the necessary tools to become critical thinkers and help them develop to their full potential. At its absolute best, I see P396K as a place where everyone’s expectations are high for themselves and for others, where the responsibility for meeting those expectations is shared, where everything that we do comes back to enabling quality teaching and learning so that every child can SOAR to Greater Heights!  

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AP Junie Louis-Jean

It is with immense gratitude, honor and enthusiasm that I serve as one the four Assistant Principals at The Sid Miller Academy. My Journey as Assistant Principal began in 2018 and every year I look forward to the new chapters of this amazing story. Through our instrumental 4 Pillars (Passion, Perseverance, Professionalism, Proactive) and our Mission and Vision, I've been able to work with a school community that is embedded in practices that lead to student and teacher growth while also fostering SEL practices that impact all stakeholders. The past few years have been focused on reimagining the student experience and providing our students with the best of the best. 
As a collaborative team who is always seeking growth, we are intentionally focused on the process of scaling, sustaining and restoring what works at all times to improve student learning. As a part of this process, Sid Miller Academy has afforded me with learning experiences that are invaluable. These experiences include supporting Thinking Maps, Student Council, PBIS, School Events, Mindfulness, Debate Team, Speech initiatives, Worksite Programs, Language Program, Hiring, Teacher's Aide Professional Development, Teacher Tenure, Disney Productions, Clubs, etc. In addition, it has been my great pleasure to supervise the 12:1:4 population at Mainsite, Site 323 and 532.
With our instructional model best practices, I have the upmost confidence that we will continue to provide our students with priceless teaching that leads to challenging and enriching school experiences no matter what our SOARing students disABILITIES are. 

Let's Make it Happen!!!

AP Dr. Chana Max

With a deep passion for teaching and learning, I embarked on a journey to pursue a degree in education. Along the way, I came to realization that acquiring information and learning new skills encompassed so much more than what we see. This inspired me to pursue my doctoral degree in educational psychology and continue learning and exploring the pathways students take when they acquire new knowledge and what teaching methodologies were most effective in paving the roads for diverse learners. 
Ever since I joined The Sid Miller Academy, I felt the passion and drive of the staff members who felt that same eagerness to improve student learning. As a classroom teacher, followed by curriculum coordinator, I was afforded the opportunity to work with students on discovering their strengths and building upon them to make real-life connections. With our independently designed, SOARing Through the Thematic Learning Units curriculum, we get to synthesize best practices, research, data, and experience to develop systems and structures which allowed us to witness exceptional progress in student performance. 
Now as Assistant Principal, I look forward to continue working collaboratively to implement our instructional focus and best practices, observing the improved assessment scores and student performance on a daily basis!! I look forward to continue supporting our students and staff, as we travel the road where every student is given the opportunity to SOAR to Greater Heights!

AP Dr. Michelle Patrovani

Welcome Families.


Serving our SOARing Sid Miller Academy community as an Assistant Principal is an honor. I am the assistant principal for the Main site, 289, and 181, and supervise Sid Miller Clubs (Main site, 289, 181), Comfort Dog SEL Program, Muttigrees Curriculum, Vocational (289, 181), Grant Writing, Safety, and the School Website. In 2004, after serving as a school aide, school payroll and pupil accounting secretary, I became a New York Teaching Fellow and entered teaching. I have taught K-8 grades in self-contained and inclusion classes in community schools, D75 schools, and self-contained classes in Florida.

In 2019, I re-joined the D75 community when I was hired to be the vocational teacher at the Sid Miller Academy Main site. The Sid Miller Academy has been home ever since – a place to challenge you, and to SOAR. I collaborate with our precious students, families, and dedicated, creative, and hardworking staff.

It is an absolute joy and privilege to serve as Dr. Dailey’s Assistant Principal in a school community which thrives to “Make It Happen!” Lastly, as a mom of two sons with special needs, my heart is for special education to ensure our special education students SOAR to Greater Heights.


Together, We Make It Happen!!!

" to Greater Heights"

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