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" to Greater Heights"

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On behalf of our entire school community, we would like to welcome you to the 2023-2024 school year at P396K, The Sid Miller Academy!  


The best way to become familiar with our school is to become involved in our activities and programs, both in and out of the school. The education process is a partnership between educators, parents, and the community. 

We welcome your involvement and look forward to a productive school year filled with engaging instruction and promotion of student academic and social-emotional success, with an emphasis on literacy, and math computation. 

Some programs to look forward to are our visual and performing arts programs and productions, social emotional learning - miracle morning SEL program, comfort dog program, SOARing eagles clubs, stations-based multi-skilled model, Sid's daily news broadcast, HMH curriculums, Fountas & Pinnell levelled libraries, inclusion program, multicultural celebrations and our inclusive model throughout all Sid Miller Sites.   


Sid Miller students have a Safe environment, filled with many Opportunities, while engaging in Accelerated learning and Reaching the community. 

Together, we can continue to keep our school a wonderful place where each child has a positive and successful learning experience. 


At Sid Miller, we are always SOARing and Striving to Greater Heights because.... "We Care!"



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The Sid Miller Academy has five sites located throughout Brooklyn

SOARing to Greater Heights!

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